Why Buy KillaRad?

Some might tell you to just build your own computer out of parts, but first you have to have the right knowledge.  Once you've acquired the know-how to assemble your own PC you're faced with the choices of what specifically to buy, which can entail countless hours of research.  Some advice can end up bad, leaving you with buggy components, and then you have to face up to supporting your own computer and troubleshooting quirks for hours.  Some hardware companies invest everything into marketing, but nothing into support of a product, or worse: an unfinished mass-marketed product.  A lot of companies offer no support to people building their first computer.  Other companies are notorious for rebate trickery.  The do-it-yourself build-your-own route can lead to a lot of screw-ups.  A novice even with guidance is not going to be able to build a PC as well as somebody who builds PCs for a living.  Experts will tell you that 95% stability is unacceptable.  With KillaRad you're buying a professionally crafted computer designed for enthusiasts, that bypasses a lot of wasted time.

With KillaRad we have high standards for the PCs we sell, and we take pride in doing it all right to sell a satisfying new computer.  We stay away from the overpriced junk, and the ugly, gaudy components.  Some companies will offer a 'Gaming PC' which leaves out important essentials like a graphics card (instead of cheap onboard graphics), or even an operating system.  Some companies will offer a PC with cut-rate technology just to attract you with a low price.  We on the other hand are looking out for you and offering PC configurations that are suitable for the best games available today.

What happens after your warranty is up if you want a replacement part?  Are you stuck buying an expensive one of a kind part from the manufacturer?  Not with KillaRad.  Because we use industry standard parts, that means you can get out of warranty service virtually anywhere in the U.S.A.  If you can't wait for the days of shipping a system in to have it repaired and then sent back, you can call on the advice of KillaRad and then seek local service for a quicker repair turnaround.  This can readily beat shelling out upwards of $350.00 for an extended warranty from another PC company.

When it comes to creative professionals, the right workstation computer can be just what you need.  Many businesses and professionals don't understand that certain employees deserve better than the standard bulk purchase order corporate PC, or even worse, a regular economy model imported off-the-shelf PC.  A customized workstation with higher performance, more resilient parts, and nicer peripherals, can really improve employee disposition and productivity.  Make KillaRad your go-to company for higher performance business computers.

It's an expectation that a desktop PC should not come with a chintzy keyboard with a non-standard layout.  We ensure that the keyboards we offer have normal-working function keys, include the standard inverted-T, feature a large backspace, and have the insert/delete row keys exactly where you expect them.  And, a mute button is essential.

A price comparison during May 2009 between with a Dell* XPS* 730x model measured over $300 more than an equivalently configured KillaRad Radical Value i7 920.  When you compare spec's, and really line them up, the cost savings are obvious:  Buy KillaRad, and use that extra money you saved on a nice LCD monitor.

A price comparison during August 2010 between Alienware's cheapest gaming PC, a MicroATX Aurora Intel Core i3 dual-core PC, showed that you could configure a better gaming PC from KillaRad for less.  The Aurora PC was configured by default with no keyboard, no mouse, and no antivirus software for $999.00.  By comparision a KillaRad PC was configured with a Quad Core processor, more RAM (4GB vs. 3GB), a larger hard drive (640GB vs. 500GB), and far more superior gaming graphics comes in at the same price.  Or you could configure a comparably better system still for as low as $875.00, a $124.00 savings.

Something you will find with major brand PCs instead of with a KillaRad PC is a lot of trialware preinstalled onto your new computer.  Experts and newbies alike don't appreciate a whole lot of third party programs on their desktop vying for their attention, and we get that.  Bundling software that expires in 30, 60, or 90 days is generally bad form.

Attention to high quality distinguishes KillaRad from other companies that tout the lowest prices.  The latest PC revolution is the PCI-Express solid state drive, and KillaRad offers all PCs with SSDs with faster boot up times and better response than ever.

Be wary of getting a 'free' monitor from other companies.  LCD manufacturing technology often leaves occasional pixels, spots on an LCD display, which are stuck black, or stuck red, green, or blue.  Obviously having a couple of stray dots stuck on your screen would be an annoyance.  It's conceivable that a company could catalog the monitors with defects, round them up in a bunch, and dump them off to unwary people at cost because they're imperfect models.

We primarily sell Asus digital LCD monitors because of the overall high quality of their products.  With Asus you're more likely to get a defect-free display.  We also make an effort to only sell monitors that support the full 24-bit palette of 16.7 million colors.  Anything less than 16.7 million colors in a display can lead to banding or dithering, or image defects that cheapen the PC experience.

When it comes to a high fidelity PC experience, look no further than KillaRad Computers.