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One Year Limited Warranty

If your PC arrives damaged, please telephone us at 636~686~0533 within 48 hours so we can replace your new PC.

If what you receive is not what you ordered, please telephone us so we can make it right.

We guarantee your KillaRad tower computer, notebook computer, or home theater computer is free from hardware defects and faulty or negligent workmanship or else the hardware or assembly problem will be corrected.  This correction may involve replacement or repair of components inside the computer.  The normal procedure for warranty repair is for the owner to ship the computer itself to a KillaRad Computers office.  This guarantee is for a period of one year beginning from the day your PC is received from the shipping carrier or the day your PC is picked up in person if you purchase in person the St. Louis region.  This warranty is only valid to customers located within the United States.

If you purchase(d) a two or three year warranty from us, these same terms apply, however it covers only the KillaRad tower computer, notebook computer, or home theater computer itself.  It would not cover peripherals such as the keyboard or mouse which have a one year warranty, or add-ons such as a monitor, printer, scanner, or USB hub which have their own manufacturers' warranties.  If you have an issue with a monitor purchased from KillaRad, it's fastest and best to deal with the manufacturer of that monitor, with exceptions of course being if something happened to have become damaged during delivery.

KillaRad Computers will not be responsible for typographical errors, miscalculations, pricing errors, or website malfunctions.  Nor will KillaRad be responsible for mistakes in specs from our suppliers which may be inadvertently repeated on our website or in our marketing materials.  An example of that might be if one of our suppliers advertised a feature in a component that we use, which didn't function as advertised, or even if it didn't function at all.  We can complain to our supplier, but other than that we're pretty much powerless to fix or remedy another company's product.  This example assumes the overall functionality of the computer is not compromised, and that the PC operates reliably in absence of the defective feature.  We do work towards ensuring our customers have a 100% reliable PC during the warranty period.

This warranty does not cover any software supplied with or installed on the computer.  KillaRad brand software programs if included with a KillaRad PC are provided as is, and with no warranty nor any guarantee of updates.  Additionally KillaRad software may require updates which may be delivered and installed without user intervention.

This warranty does not include problems you may get yourself into relating to software, such as viruses or mistakes due to lack of knowledge or experience -- only the hardware, or software issues that are related to hardware issues present in the condition in which the computer system was sold.  We may be able to provide you technical support even if your situation is not covered under warranty.

KillaRad Computers is obliged to provide technical support for Windows XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7, which are the only supported operating systems.  For questions about the operation of this software the computer user should contact KillaRad instead of Microsoft.  Of course, please perform due diligence before contacting us with a problem.  The F1 key on your keyboard provides help in most programs.  Direct any comments you may have on functionality or product improvements to Microsoft.  Of course KillaRad is not exactly in the business of educating computer users on how to operate Windows or Windows programs.  An index of Microsoft published books is available at

We reserve the right to refuse telephone support to those under 18.  It doesn't mean we will, but we reserve the right.

We do not guarantee compatibility with devices or software not shipped with the PC.  The PC hardware and software ecosystem is enormous, and some older or even newer hardware or software may not work correctly or at all with any new computer you buy.  This however is certainly uncommon.  An example might be if you have a generic PCI Wi-Fi card from an old computer that doesn't work in your new computer.  You could contact the Wi-Fi card's manufacturer for help in making it work. Additionally you could also contact KillaRad support to help you.  We will make an effort to resolve all issues to ensure you have a high fidelity PC experience.

This warranty does not cover abuse or misuse.  This warranty does not cover cooling fans that have become loud due to damage from dust, dirt, pet hair, or tobacco smoke dust.  We recommend you acquire canned air and spray dust out of the fans inside the PC at least twice a year.  (See our maintenance guide for instructions.)  Cooling fans in different computers may collect dust at different rates, depending on how long the computers are powered on per day.  Tobacco smoke dust for example can cause damage to a fan in six to nine months.

It should go without saying that recovery from natural disasters, fires, or events that would generally be described as acts of God are not covered under our warranty.  It also doesn't cover damage from use as a melee weapon.  Roll D20 for that.

If the PC was sold bundled with a surge protector, it must be used with the computer as a condition of this warranty.  KillaRad Computers will not warranty lightning damage or damage from a power spike in any case.  Surge protectors must be used in a properly wired and grounded outlet.  Each device attached to the computer, such as a monitor, printer, scanner, or camera dock, or each communications cable such as a telephone line, a coax TV cable, or cable modem, must be attached to a grounded surge protector.  This is to protect your PC from damage from lightning or an electrical surge.  This is why the surge protectors we bundle have phone line and coax cable protection.

If your PC arrives with minor unobvious cosmetic defects which don't constitute damage, such as a minor scuff or a scratch, that would not be considered eligible for warranty replacement.  However if you have a complaint we may at our discretion replace a computer or components which have cosmetic defects.

Repaired or replaced components carry the remainder of the original one year warranty, or two or three years if your system was sold with a two or three year warranty.  We cover keyboards and mice sold with our PCs under our one year warranty.  Any keyboard or mouse replacements would carry the remainder of the one year warranty.  For monitors, printers, broadband routers, and other peripherals we recommend you go through their manufacturers for warranty fulfillment and technical support.

We provide no warranty against data loss.  Hard drives can operate anywhere from three to six years depending on how much the computer is used.  We recommend you backup your most important documents and files from time to time.  Files can be backed up onto an external hard drive, or CD's or DVD's.  For best protection of your CD-R's or DVD-R's, keep them in a CD or DVD jewel case in a place away from heat or light.

Use of a KillaRad product in any mission critical applications, including but not limited to life support systems, power plants, anomalous materials research, or transdimensional experiments, would be done at the administrator's own risk.

We recommend you save the shipping box that the computer arrives in, in case the need arises to ship the PC back to us for repair or upgrading.  If you want to transport the PC in a vehicle we recommend packing the PC back in its shipping box.

The normal procedure for warranty repair is that we pay for shipping the PC to us and back to you.  The normal procedure for out of warranty repairs, upgrades, or approved nitpick repairs is that you pay for shipping the PC to us, and we include return shipping in your bill or in with your credit card charge.

With this depot warranty, meaning 'you send it in', you may need to be without your computer for ten days, more or less due to the time it takes to ship a PC economically.  For out of warranty work, an hourly labor charge will probably apply.  One benefit of a KillaRad PC is that semi-knowledgeable people can often replace an internal PC component essentially by themselves because we use industry-standard parts.

Intel and AMD processors are very reliable and resilient.  In obscure cases of processor failure we wouldn't be able to just replace the processor chip and turn around and ship it back to you.  The chip would need to be shipped to its manufacturer for analysis.  If there's no evidence of misuse (overclocking) then we'll receive a replacement chip, repair your PC, and then ship it back to you.  If a system in for a warranty claim is found to have been abused by its owner in ways described above which are not covered by our warranty, the unrepaired machine will be shipped back to its owner.

Historically major computer companies have used special parts on certain computer models which required more-expensive-than-normal parts to be purchased directly from that company.  However with a KillaRad PC, if you don't want to send it in, or can't live with the days of downtime for that particular computer, the PC should be able to be repaired at any local computer service shop.  Again, this is because of the use of industry-standard parts which means a common set of PC repair knowledge and skills apply across the PC service industry nationwide.

If you have some kind of computer failure after the one year warranty is up, even if it's two or three years later, we'd like to know in order to improve our products and support practices.  We may even be able to fix your problem at no charge or a minimal charge despite the warranty having expired.

One Year Limited Warranty, KillaRad Computers Version 1.1
February 10, 2008
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