Out of Warranty Support Policy Updated 5-19-2012

Out of warranty support is available.  Support via phone or remote assistance, where we take over your mouse pointer and operate your PC over the net, is available at a competitive rate of $20.00 per hour billed to a credit or debit card.  If you end up with a virus or malware infection or have pop-up ads or a foreign toolbar in your browser that you can't fix yourself, we can help you fix these things fast.  This is only available to KillaRad customers on our machines.  Please have your PC's serial number handy (it's on a sticker on the back of the PC) along with the owner's name that the PC was purchased under.  Also please be at your PC when calling.

Out of warranty e-mail support is "unlimited" in that it is still free past the length of your warranty, but it can be more limited in practicality than the help you could receive over the phone or with remote support.  If you ever need us, we are here with options to support you.


Now both nVIDIA and AMD have update notifications built into their graphics drivers.  These can alert you to new graphics drivers becoming available.  Just download the latest drivers.

Beta graphics drivers may improve certain games inbetween official releases.  AMD has improved their driver downloads page, and beta drivers can now be found through a link there called Latest Catalyst Hotfixes.  nVIDIA's main drivers page now has a drop down box for selecting beta drivers.


An improved support site is on the way.  For now you can e-mail support (and add the year after it such as 'support2021') (at)  Please have your PC's serial number handy with the owner's name that the PC was purchased under.

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Popular Game Support - For popular games we recommend you seek out support for whatever game you're playing and consult with other players.