Ordering Information

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All purchases are processed through a secure system hosted by PayPal, an online payment service owned by eBay.  Choose a KillaRad™ computer system, configure it to your liking and click the Add to Shopping Cart button.  You will be able to make your purchase through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express cards, or your PayPal account.  A PayPal account isn't required.  You won't be charged until the day your order ships.  Online ordering currently works only for the 48 continental United States.  For delivery to Alaska or Hawaii, please don't hesitate to phone in your order.  We do not ship to PO boxes, APO, FPO or U.S. Territories.  We only do business within the USA.

If you encounter any problems with our online ordering system please telephone us at 1~636~686~0533 during office hours so we can place your order.

For most computers, you should receive your order roughly within 7 to 10 days, which beats waiting two weeks with other companies.

If you need your new computer shipped to a work address or a college address, you need to be sure that it is listed as an alternate shipping address with your credit card company.  Generally alternate shipping addresses expire every six months.  You would also need to leave a comment about the alternate shipping address when you check out.  If you do pay through an existing PayPal account we can only ship to a PayPal confirmed address.

If your new computer or any of its new accessories have problems, please telephone us within 48 hours of receiving the PC.

KillaRad Computers will not be responsible for typographical errors, miscalculations, or mistakes in specs from our suppliers which may be inadvertently repeated here.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  You will not be charged a different price without your prior permission.

Specifications are subject to change.  Sometimes we might under promise and over deliver.  As an example, a 600 Watt power supply spec might end up being a 630 Watt unit.  We reserve the right to substitute backordered or discontinued components with equal or better components, possibly of a different brand than was initially specified, to expedite your order.  We will only do this if we anticipate that you won't disapprove.  We will not switch platforms, such as crossing GeForce for Radeon or Intel for AMD or vice-versa.  If it's a hard judgement call or if your order can not be completed, we'll contact you via telephone or e-mail.

Return Policy

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  However naturally of course we want you to keep your new computer.  Returns must be approved in advance via telephone within 30 days from the date you received it.  Returns should be received by us by the 30th day after you received it, but up to 8 days late is ok as long as it's cleared in advance.  Returns will not include shipping costs, and will incur a 15% restocking fee.  A complete refund may be given in some rare cases.

Monitor Return Policies:
According to our supplier, the monitors we offer can not be returned.  However, defective monitors would be exchangeable directly through the manufacturer (Samsung/LG/etcetera), generally with a 1 year or 3 year warranty.

If something is strongly suspected to be possibly damaged during shipment to you, just refuse the shipment instead of signing for it, and we will of course take the shipment back and replace it as promptly as possible, and we will take up the issue with the shipping company.  If you go ahead and accept the shipment and discover that something is damaged, for example the computer/monitor/etc. doesn't turn on, or something is rolling around inside the computer case, we will provide you with a free means to have the product returned, and we'll replace it as promptly as possible with the same product at no extra cost to you.

Buy with confidence because our systems come standard with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. See our Warranty for full details.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase, or otherwise have a family member or sponsor buy it for you.  Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse telephone support to those under 18.  It doesn't mean we will, but we reserve the right.

Privacy Policy

Website Visitors:
Things we track and/or save about individual website visitors: your IP address; your ISP name resolved from your IP address in internal statistic reports; your web browser and version number; and the addresses of any website that linked you to here.

Things we track and/or save about customers: We retain the information you entered when you signed up, and it is kept private to KillaRad Computers.  Your order's information remains on file for your convenience for future orders or support needs.  None of this information is accessible over the Internet.  Additionally, we do not engage in telemarketing.

Message Boards Members:
Our message boards are only accessible to existing customers.  Things we track and/or save about message board users: Name/Nickname; message board password; special website Preferences you've chosen; number of visits; number of message board postings; number of message board "points"; number of message board negative points; number of message board bonus points.

We may also log statistics about the pages you visit on the website for the purpose of better understanding how our visitors use the website.

How We Use Your E-Mail Address

We use your e-mail address to send you receipts for orders, and send you tracking numbers for your shipments.  If there is a problem or an unexpected change with your order we will e-mail you.  We will also send you surveys 6 months after purchase, 1 year after purchase, 2 years after purchase, and 3 years after purchase in order to appraise and refine our products and support processes.  We do not currently do mass e-mail marketing, and if we do decide to, you will not be automatically signed up.  If we find any serious flaws in a product you purchased from us, we will notify you in an e-mail.  Otherwise we will not be sending you e-mails.  Periodic updates such as a new BIOS or new drivers will be posted on our support site, available at  Surveys or the support newsletters may have some advertising from us at the end of the e-mail.  We will not give, sell, or disclose your e-mail address to other companies.