February 2, 2011

KillaRad Computers™ Launches AMD Leo Black Edition Gaming PC

KillaRad Computers now offers a new AMD 'Leo' Platform Technology based gaming PC known as the KillaRad Leo Black Edition.  It features AMD's top of the line six core processor, the Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition.  It has six 3.3 GigaHertz processors in one chip which is great today, and even better in the future as multi-threaded Windows applications grow in number.

These new codename 'Thuban' generation Phenom II processors have new Turbo CORE technology which allows this CPU to automatically dynamically increase operation at up to a 3.7 GHz speed.  The processor senses when your computer is idling and dynamically slows down to save energy, and it can speed up to beyond its normal clock speed when the right opportunity is detected.  It's this ingenious design along with the care to longevity and an upgrade path that keeps diehard AMD fans locked in.

With the Leo Black Edition you can benefit from the synergy of an all AMD system: AMD processor, AMD system chipset, and your choice of high end AMD Radeon gaming graphics.  The prospective gamer can configure the system with one, two, three or even four of AMD's current top end GPUs, the Radeon HD 6970.  For the distinguished computer shopper looking for a deal on a powerful PC that's bangin' today and ready for the future, you can get by with a single Radeon HD 6970, which nonetheless includes a towering 2 Gigabytes of dedicated memory.  DirectX 11 class graphics will be the basis for hit Windows 7 games as well as forthcoming versions of Digital Content Creation applications, making the Leo Black Edition even in its cheapest form, a great investment.

Prices are subject to change, but as of this update the base price starts at $2575.00.  This gives you a comfortable configuration with 8 Gigabytes of higher performance system memory and a hybrid SSD hard drive for a speedy response that experts go for.  This includes a deluxe Logitech USB keyboard, a Razer DeathAdder 3500 gaming mouse, and a gaming mouse pad.  Stripped of these, and dropped down from two graphics cards to one, with 4 Gigabytes of memory and a standard 7200 RPM hard drive, brings the minimum price down under $1,900.00.  So the Leo is quite configurable and definitely worth a look.

New updates to Many new PC system pages now have the Technical Specifications section hidden under a clickable button, which does the job of hiding boring technical details that may confuse and distract non-experts.  The RadMedia HTPC now offers a new option for a new CableCard adapter that has four tuners built in, allowing you to record up to five high definition channels at once.  Although currently availability on these is limited, this along with a CableCard from your Cable TV provider allows you to watch and record both your digital SD channels and your HD tier including any premiums that you subscribe to such as HBO and ESPN.  Compared to a Cable DVR the RadMedia HTPC is a knockout.

The RadMedia HTPC along with Radical Value iX and i7, the GamerNova i7, and the new entry level gaming PC the Kilo XT Plus, all offer nVIDIA's latest sensation, the GeForce GTX 560 Ti.  It comes in a little cheaper than the older, hotter GeForce GTX 470 that it replaces, and offers around 30% greater performance over the previous sweet spot of the GTX 460, and around three times the performance over a popular sweet spot GPU of years prior.  Get ready for upcoming games in 2011 including Crysis 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Need for Speed: Shift 2, and id Software's Rage.  Whatever your budget in premium custom computers, a KillaRad PC lets you do and enjoy more.  Buy one online today at

As a footnote, all Intel Second Generation Core based systems on have been replaced with systems that do not have any reliability issues.  Additionally no KillaRad systems sold in the past, nor currently offered, are affected by Intel's chipset recall.  Feel free to buy any PC on the site as your budget allows, assured that it is built as good as they come.