August 9, 2010

KillaRad Computers™ Relaunches New Website

Now at you'll find multimedia PC's at competitive price points, a choice of affordable and full fledged gaming PC models, six-core Workstation PC's, and new boxes for the digital den of 2010.

The website was recently updated with a new smartphone viewable 960 pixels wide layout using XHTML.  It now has the menu condensed into a menu bar at the top with drop down menus.  The same KillaRad Computers logo sits atop a blue corona design element with the tagline introduced in 2007: The High Fidelity PC Experience.  The home page design features a billboard element front and center, which attracts the visitor to a featured computer or a promotion.  Beneath the billboard is an introduction to KillaRad, followed by a selection of computer systems.  While the 2007 home page featured lists of PC technical specifications, the new listings greet the visitor in sentence form, qualifying various PC choices with reduced tech-speak.  Another feature on some pages is a Key Points tab which condenses a good deal of the technical marketing text into a bullet point list.

The site was as before, custom developed 100% in-house, and new enhancements will be rolling out in the future.  Here is the previous fluid-layout design as a historical reference. 2007 2009 Refresh

Updates abound with the new 2010 site, including new KillaRad™ Kilo MT and XT model two's with ATI integrated graphics instead of nVIDIA, the new Radical Valuei7 model two and GamerNova™ model two, and the debut of a newer socket 1156 Intel based PC called the Radical ValueiX.  SSD drives are now an option with the GamerNova and the Workstation i7 and XE's, which have been updated to support SATA 6G and USB 3.0.  It's a great time to select a new custom made PC and the only source you need is KillaRad™.