KillaRad Computers Provides New Choice in Gaming PC's:
Witness the Birth of a New American Brand

August 17, 2007 – Saint Louis, Missouri – KillaRad Computers™ enters into the fray in the PC industry, providing compelling new choices in pre-built gaming computers.  Discounted models as low as $1,075.00 are available for purchase direct from

"One of the things KillaRad™ brings to PC buyers is competitive pricing," said Owner and General Manager, Dwight .  "Another thing is sheer class.  We're the ideal choice over the variety of companies that just use low spec parts and sucker people in.  And, we're the ideal choice over the rest of the more established gaming computer companies because we don't overcharge for the spec's we're offering."

"The computers you'll find in a regular retail chain store aren't ready for the best and newest PC games.  It may be difficult, complicated, or impossible to bring one of these PC's up to the level that thousands of avid PC gamers would consider suitable for gaming," said Mr. .  "At KillaRad™ we offer what we call the high fidelity PC experience, with an enthusiast-class graphics card from nVIDIA* or ATI*, and a Sound Blaster* X-Fi* sound card."

"Many of the major brand computers are not designed to be upgradeable, or in many cases paying a lower price limits what you'll be able to do with your new computer.  It's common to find corners cut with the specs, such as lower performing parts.  With a lower end computer you might buy in a chain store, you're going to grow out of it quickly when you try to run a modern game on it," stated Mr. .

KillaRad Computers™ offers different lines of computer systems for varying needs and budgets.  The following chart describes our Radical Value™ and RadBox™ product lines with prices for our standard configurations.

  Processor Graphics Card Microsoft* Windows Vista* Price
The Radical Value™ i6750 Intel* Core 2 Duo* Model E6750 GeForce* 8800 GTS with 320 MegaBytes Home Premium $1,720.00
The RadBox™ a6000 AMD* Athlon* 64 X2 Model 6000+ GeForce* 8800 GTS with 640 MegaBytes Ultimate $1,937.00
The RadBox™ i6850 GTX Intel* Core 2 Duo* Model E6850 GeForce* 8800 GTX with 768 MegaBytes Ultimate $2,279.00
The RadBox™ i6850 XT Intel* Core 2 Duo* Model E6850 Radeon* HD 2900 XT with 512 MegaBytes Ultimate $2,100.00

These systems, loaded with Windows Vista*, give gamers the all new DirectX* 10 technology that will be the foundation for PC games from 2007 on.

"As a gaming computer company, bringing greater value to the playing field is a major angle.  If you're looking for a nice, high quality gaming computer you could save hundreds of dollars by buying from KillaRad™.  But where would we be if we didn't offer a totally maxed out gaming system?  That's where the RadBox™ Pro comes in," said Mr. .

The RadBox™ Pro i6850-Q GTX PC includes an Intel* Core 2 Extreme* QX6850 quad-core processor with an overclocked GeForce* 8800 GTX.  Its base model starts at $4,210.00.  "We have an SLI* PC with dual graphics cards that goes for $4,840.00.  Both of those computers include Blu-Ray* drives, by the way.  Full details are on the website," said Mr. .

For a limited time, RadBox™ Pro gaming computers include a side case window with a blue LED fan and case lighting, providing a "modded" look in a pre-built PC.

The RadBox™ Pro brand also incorporates KillaRad's workstation computers, with a GS model for graphics editing and a VE model for video editing, along with a dual quad-core processor "V8" workstation that sells for over $7,000.00.

"The RadBox™ Pro i6750 GS is an excellent PC for use with Adobe* PhotoShop* CS3 or related programs such as Corel* Paint Shop Pro* 11 or CorelDraw*," stated Mr. , continuing, "The base price for that system is $1,230.00.  It includes a very powerful Intel* Core 2 Duo* CPU, 2 gigs of memory, and a choice of XP Pro or Windows Vista* Business.  We're definitely going to be going after the digital content creation workstation market," stated Mr. .

KillaRad™ computers are assembled and supported and sold exclusively in the United States.  Some lower-end computers from other companies are assembled overseas, or in Mexico or Canada, and they are often supported by call centers overseas.  "This has unquestionably tarnished the image of companies like Dell, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Company who have seemingly thrown out American jobs to drive the bottom line for their shareholders," said Mr. , continuing, "Today we're launching a fresh, new company that especially targets teens and twentysomethings living the modern digital life.  Lock and load."

KillaRad™ brand computers include a standard one-year warranty along with a set-up guide, a quality surge protector and one year of anti-virus protection.

For more information, or to order a new PC, visit the website

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