Where Can I Get 24X DVD-R or DVD+R Media?

No DVD-R or DVD+R media faster than 16X has been produced.  Simply buy 16X discs and if it doesn't burn faster than 16X, 1.) look in your burning software's settings for an option to record at the drive's maximum speed, and/or 2.) Try updating your burning software, which may allow it to detect more DVD drives and more capabilities.

ImgBurn is the favorite disc burning program here, and it's free.  Nero and Roxio software tends to include a media player that upon installation, wants to take over various preferences and default settings, which according to an individual's preferences can be undesirable.  Experts sometimes prefer ImgBurn since it is simply a good, effective disc burning program, rather than a suite or a software package.  The documentation isn't quite to the same pedigree however.  ImgBurn documentation on setting their overspeed option can be found here.  You basically select the DVD drive in the options, and then set the speed you want your media to record at.

KillaRad Webmaster
Updated July 29, 2010