What is the Best Gaming PC?

First, let's establish that the best gaming PC is a tower PC.  Gaming notebooks are relatively heavy, have poor battery life, and tend to have issues with cooling, which is liable to require warranty service, along with an expensive extended warranty.  The value is not there.

The best gaming computers are going to have two, three, or four GPUs.  nVIDIA multi-GPU technology is called SLI, and ATI's multi-GPU technology is called CrossFire.  Today you would get an Intel Core i7 990X Extreme processor with six processors in one chip, with two or more Radeon HD 6970's or two or three GeForce GTX 580 graphics cards.  The top performing GPUs as of this update are the nVIDIA GeForce GTX 580's.

The current suggestion would be to choose a KillaRad™ GamerNova™ i7 Ultimate however a GamerNova i7 with a quad-core processor is more affordable.  Max it out with dual 2 TeraByte hard drives, or a super fast solid state drive if you like.  Choosing an SSD drive as the boot drive and installing your main games onto it can result in faster game load times and level load times.  Having faster level load times can be an advantage with online competitive gameplay, similar to the importance of the ping time of your Internet connection.

Ultimately the answer to the question of the best gaming PC will involve the variable of your budget.  If you factor in the need for a new widescreen monitor, or a surround sound speaker set, that can change the equation.

KillaRad Webmaster
Updated September 6, 2011