Can I Buy A Water Cooled System?

KillaRad does not sell overclocked systems since the reliability can't be guaranteed or warrantied.  However the Radical Value, Radical Value Plus, and GamerNova do have an option for a liquid-cooled processor cooler.  This allows the processor to use its Intel Turbo Boost Technology to auto-overclock at the peak official speeds since the top speed is based on the detected temperature of the processor chip.  The programs and types of programs that are running also play a factor.

This is a sealed, maintenance-free liquid-cooled cooling unit with a 5-Year manufacturer's warranty on the actual unit.  So for a $150.00 premium you can have the peace of mind that the processor is being cooled to the max with the least hassle and the assurance that it's backed by the industry leaders in CPU cooling.

If you are interested in running the processor out of its spec's, that would not be covered under the KillaRad warranty.  However, with this add-on you have more capability to experiment and you could be the judge as to how valuable any performance improvements are, or if you can measure any impact on reliability.

KillaRad Webmaster
Updated March 19, 2017