About Our Computer Systems

KillaRad Computersoffers high-performance computer systems, above and beyond what you'll find on your local superstore shelves.  We offer a variety of price points to cater to those who are ready for a high fidelity PC experience, whether you're looking for a gaming PC, a reliable workstation computer, a home theater PC, or just a solid personal computer for home or office use.  "Stability" or maximum "uptime" or lack of "crashes" is not something anybody should worry about with a new computer, and that's an advantage of buying from KillaRad.  We've done the research, and we're here with a warranty and the experience it takes to sell and support a high caliber product.

The best gaming computers support running multiple graphics cards for more gaming graphics performance.  Multi-GPU graphics technologies like nVIDIA's S.L.I. and AMD's CrossFireX have redefined the gaming computer because you can buy your PC with one card, and in some cases add up to three more identical graphics cards to make your PC run your games much better.  You can get the advantages of smoother rendering (frames per second), higher resolution, up to beyond 1080p clear up to 4K Ultra HD, more detail, more crisp rendering, and ultimately more realism which we tie today with more enjoyment.  Previously you would choose a different PC if you wanted the option of AMD graphics or nVIDIA graphics.  With our Radical Value and GamerNova PCs you have the choice of either brand with each model.  Furthermore solid state drives are ready for prime time and the ones we include as standard have five year manufacturer warranties for the reliability you should be demanding.

You don't get this with an off-the-shelf PC.  With an off-the-shelf PC, paying less comes with more limitations.  The components in a good solid gaming PC like we offer are designed for durability in long term regular use, and they come with higher costs.  The power requirements, and even the cooling and dimensional requirements have become so advanced and complicated that for a high end computer, you may just be best served buying a pre-built system from the experts.

With the Radical Value, KillaRad picks the best processor, graphics card and other components for the optimal amount of performance for the lowest price.  The newest model offers you a choice of high performance 7th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 quad-core processors.  A solid state drive is now the default choice.  This PC features the Intel Z270 Express chipset supporting nVIDIA graphics with SLI, or AMD graphics with CrossFireX.  You get great gaming performance with good upgrade options.

The Radical ValuePlus is fundamentally very similar, with the same Z270 chipset and multi graphics capabilities.  It strikes a balance of higher performance and better features at minimal additional cost, offering great savings on an Intel Core i7 gaming PC.

The GamerNova™ i7 by default includes an Intel Core i7 processor, the top GeForce GTX graphics card for more power, more detail, and more realistic gaming, along with a solid state drive.

KillaRad Workstation PCs are available especially for digital photography and graphics editing, desktop publishing, and video editing.  Go with a powerful 8-core AMD Ryzen processor, a Pro-Grade SSD, and a GeForce GPU for a new level of performance.

AMD based systems feature the Ryzen family of multi-core processors.  The Socket AM4 CPU socket was introduced in early 2017 and now supports DDR4 memory for groundbreaking performance that can match an Intel CPU at half the cost.

Intel based systems feature the latest Core i5 and i7 processors using Intel's Socket 1151 with dual-channel DDR4 memory.

Both AMD and Intel processors feature a built-in technology designed to limit the effectiveness of many computer viruses.  Both brands of processors have power management technology which runs the processor slower during typical (light) usage.  This helps to keep your computer operating quietly.  The processor speeds back up to full speed during heavier usage, such as playing games or compressing music or video, and other such things that stress the processor.  Older generations of gaming computers may have impacted your electric bill, but with the current more energy-efficient technology you don't have to worry about that.  Additionally today's LED backlit LCD monitors require less energy as well.

Warranty Information

All of the computer systems you buy from us have new parts and include a one year warranty on hardware and labor, although manufacturers' warranties may be longer on some parts.  This warranty does not include problems you may get yourself into relating to software, such as viruses or mistakes due to lack of knowledge or experience -- only the hardware, or software issues that are related to hardware issues present in the condition in which the computer system was sold.  Unlike some other companies, here you can upgrade your own computer hardware, i.e. get inside of it, without automatically voiding your warranty.

When it comes to a high fidelity PC experience, just browse the site, plan your budget, and pull the trigger to get a new custom-built PC in an average of seven to ten days.