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Office hours and telephone hours are 8 AM to 8 PM, Central Time, Monday through Friday.
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KillaRad Computers LLC
P.O. Box 460422
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About Us

KillaRad Computers™, founded in 2006 is based out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Our computers are assembled and supported and sold exclusively in the United States.  This is in opposition to rival computer companies which support American customers from call centers based overseas, and who sell computers assembled overseas or in Mexico or Canada.  We take pride in producing high quality personal computers backed with expert service and support.

The naming of KillaRad™ comes from American surfer or skateboarder slang from the 1980's.  Killer might have started with a killer shark or a killer whale, or a killer wave, but eventually dudes would call something 'killer' if they liked it.  Killer as an adjective came to mean favorable or impressive.  Rad, an abbreviation of the word 'radical', also means favorable or impressive, both synonyms of the popular slang word, "cool".

Out of early cyberculture came the slang word K-rad which was sort of a combining of kilo and rad.  Since kilo was Greek (more or less) for 'thousand', it resulted in technical and computer terms with a thousand units.  These include: kilohertz (KHz) for one thousand cycles per second, kilobaud, kilobits (Kb), kilobytes (KB or just K), and kilowatts for example.  The abbreviating of kilo as K resulted in K-rad, sometimes spelled as /<-Rad.  So, since kilo in the technological sense sounds like Killa with a schwa sound, not key-low, today we have KillaRad Computers.

KillaRad™, sometimes referred to as a boutique computer company or a gaming PC OEM, designs, assembles, and sells high performance computers for games and digital content creation direct to the public.  Whether you want a better World of Warcraft experience, or you're sick of PhotoShop flickering across your monitor with an underpowered PC, our business is in providing a high fidelity computing experience.  No PC you can buy off the shelf of a chain store can even compare.  The PC is a fantastic tool with a broad array of capabilities.  However the real driver of progress in computer hardware ever since the late 1980's has always been computer games.  When it comes to cutting-edge speed, the influence of state of the art games has by far outweighed the influence of even the Internet.  According to market research firm, NPD Group, during 2007 the PC game software industry posted revenues in excess of $900 million dollars.